SE890 Journey Touring

Designed for larger touring bikes and cruisers, The SE890 Journey touring radial features a versatile all-weather tread pattern.
  • Econmically priced without sacrificing quality
  • Excellent ride and load carrying capabilities
  • Aramid belted radial construction
  • Tread compound designed for optimal grip and good mileage
  • Available in sizes for the Honda Valkyrie, and Honda GL1500 and GL1800 Gold Wing models


Part # Size Speed Rating Load Index Recommended Rim Size Outside Diameter Width Max psi Tube Type List Price
87-4660 150/80R17 H 72 3.5 in. 26.46 in. 5.91 in. 42 psi Tubeless $169.95
87-4661 130/70R18 H 63 3.5 in. 25.16 in. 5.08 in. 42 psi Tubeless $151.95


Part # Size Speed Rating Load Index Recommended Rim Size Outside Diameter Width Max psi Tube Type List Price
87-4665 160/80R16 H 81 3.75 in. 25.91 in. 6.3 in. 42 psi Tubeless $186.95
87-4666 180/60R16 H 74 5 in. 24.49 in. 7.09 in. 42 psi Tubeless $183.95
87-4667 180/70R16 H 77 5 in. 25.91 in. 7.09 in. 42 psi Tubeless $192.95

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