005 Advance Radial

Large block type tread pattern with excellent braking, cornering and acceleration characteristics.
  • Specially designed tread grooves help to dissipate water efficiently on wet surfaces
  • Rubber compound formulated to improve grip and durability
  • Aramid belted to enhance high speed performance


Part # Size Speed Rating Load Index Recommended Rim Size Outside Diameter Width Max psi Tube Type List Price
87-4011 120/60ZR17 W 55 3.5 in. 22.68 in. 4.8 in. 42 psi Tubeless $86.95
87-4010 120/70ZR17 W 58 3.5 in. 23.62 in. 4.8 in. 42 psi Tubeless $85.95
87-4012 130/70VR18 V 63 3.5 in. 25.16 in. 5.08 in. 42 psi Tubeless $129.95
87-4013 120/70V21 V 62 3.5 in. 27.6 in. 4.8 in. 42 psi Tubeless $99.95


Part # Size Speed Rating Load Index Recommended Rim Size Outside Diameter Width Max psi Tube Type List Price
87-4014 160/60ZR17 W 69 4.5 in. 24.57 in. 6.34 in. 42 psi Tubeless $122.95
87-4015 170/60ZR17 W 72 4.5 in. 25.04 in. 6.61 in. 42 psi Tubeless $129.95
87-4016 180/55ZR17 W 73 5.5 in. 24.8 in. 7.01 in. 42 psi Tubeless $124.95
87-4017 190/50ZR17 W 73 6 in. 24.49 in. 7.48 in. 42 psi Tubeless $127.95
87-4018 200/50ZR17 W 75 6.25 in. 24.88 in. 7.87 in. 42 psi Tubeless $144.95
87-4019 240/40VR18 V 79 8.5 in. 25.55 in. 9.45 in. 42 psi Tubeless $214.95

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