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Recent Reviews

  • Tire: Hook Up Drag

    Make no mistake ! This will be the tyre of choice in 2015 !


  • Tire: 244 Series

    I have just purchased a set of SR 244 Golden Boys, can anyone tell me how good these tyres are, Off road, On Road, what type of milage can I expect from the rear tyre, mostly on a tar surface, the handling is very good though.

  • Tire: 540 Series

    Great mud tire I will buy another one of these tires when this one wears out.

  • Tire: 777

    Just put these on my cruiser at the recommendation of a local shop. So far so good and 1/2 the price of name brand for my bike.

  • Tire: 006 Podium

    I put on a 160/60ZR17 on my Honda CBF1000. I've had the bike leaned over and this tire sticks great and holds a true line. It rides smooth at 220km/h. I find it reacts quickly to roll ins which gives me great confidence the more I ride it. I would recommend these tires for a nice ride.

  • I've been using these 230's on my 1985 Yamaha VMax for a while now.. Vmaxes are notoriously hard on tires, but these Shinkos seem to hold up well.. I got almost 9000 miles out of the last set - the ones on the bike now are pushing 3500 miles with very little wear showing. Bike handles well (or at least as well as a VMax can handle!), the tires are quiet running, and stick like glue.. I also have a 2002 Roadstar, using a 230 on front. I have another Shinko on back, but would replace it with a 230 if one was made in the size I need for the machine...

  • Tire: 003 Stealth

    I have used the Stealth tires before on other bikes but not on my Buell 1125r till now. I commute 120 miles a day. This trip takes me right through the state forest. I found that I used the tires from edge to edge, both front and rear, without any concern for traction. When the front tire is starting to lose traction it gives you a nice warning before just tucking under, as some tires do. The rear tire will give a controlled slide ,at considerable lean angles, without letting go. I am very pleased with the performance and longevity of these tires. I have gone on average 5,000 miles to a set. Normal for sport bike tires.

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