016 Verge 2X Radial Tire
525/524 Offroad Series
777 Heavy Duty Series
804 and 805 Series Big Block

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  • There's no reason to spend more on a tire unless you just want to pay for the name. These tires are sticky and long-lasting for bargain basement pricing. A no brainer. 7k on my current rear. It's time for a replacement but. I know guys who get half that many miles on tires that cost twice as much on the exact same bike. A 600# 1100 cc bike.

  • Tire: 712

    I've owned my bike, a 1981 Suzuki GS650G for 26 years. In all that time I insisted on Metzeler Laser tires. I can't count the number but they took me 80,000 kms over the that time. Now retired I looked for a cheaper tire and mounted a set of 712's. I am absolutely in love with them. They hold and hold on hard corners and provide no unwanted input on the highway. The 34 year old bike handles like new. A great tire.

  • Tire: 010 Apex

    Put as et of these on my 2000 Triumph Thunderbird Sport. I am nearling 8000 km on these tires but they will soon be finished. They handle very well, and gave reasonable mileage. I am switching to the Raven ST tire ST tires generally are better suited to my riding but I have no complaints on these ones. Easily get the bike over to grind foot pegs and hold any line at maximum lean

  • Tire: 705 Series

    Great tIre,great traction,long lasting,I just installed my 3 rd set

  • Tire: 250

    Great product for the price. Purchased two set for my bikes. We are happy with them both. Will look for the 250's when replacement need arises.
    Jimmy Q

  • Tire: Hook Up Drag

    Awesome tire for the price exceptional traction and very long life! Have an 05GSXR750 stock motor, bolt ons, 62" hooks everytime 9.60s-9.90s, 1.48-1.50 60foots all the time, over 400 passes at the strip!!! WHY PAY HIGH DOLLAR for a michelin!?

  • Tire: 009 Raven

    I love these tires, I put them on my 06 FZ1 and they have been amazing. great grip and long life. Before my FZ1 I ran Shinko on my 07 Harley Nightster and fell in love! These are awesome for sport touring and pretty good for aggressive riding! Before I traded the bike i put over 3500 miles on these and they still looked/felt great! I'm definitely buying Shinko for my supermoto build.

  • 1982 xr200r 2.75x21 front and 3.5x18 rear. These tires have exceeded my expectations. They have provided consistently good grip with pretty good life. The little 200r is not a tire spinning monster so the rear has held up well. The on pavement behavior is good, this could be because of the narrow size I installed. I have over a thousand miles on this set so far and they still look good with only slight rounding of edges on the rear, no chunking at all. I will be buying another set of these probably in the 3" and 4" size this time for better flotation.

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