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  • Tire: 003 Stealth

    I have used the Stealth tires before on other bikes but not on my Buell 1125r till now. I commute 120 miles a day. This trip takes me right through the state forest. I found that I used the tires from edge to edge, both front and rear, without any concern for traction. When the front tire is starting to lose traction it gives you a nice warning before just tucking under, as some tires do. The rear tire will give a controlled slide ,at considerable lean angles, without letting go. I am very pleased with the performance and longevity of these tires. I have gone on average 5,000 miles to a set. Normal for sport bike tires.

  • Just got a set of these off of Ebay for a great price. Had them mounted and they ride great, track straight and make litte noise. I'm hoping to get long life out of them, but so far I love them. Even if they don't last long, I can buy three for the price of one Metzler.

  • Tire: 777

    Great tyres and well priced. These tyres handle and ride so much better than the old stock Dunlops on my V-Star 1300.

  • 7/2014: I have a 1985 Honda V65 Sabre loves to eat tires up. These 230s tires are the OEM size, fit with no issues. This is my second set in 2 seasons. I had a concern with the 1st set. I spoke with Shinko factory over last winter. They sent me a brand new set of replacements for no fee. I mounted them myself and had them high speed balanced. They are performing very nicely. I already put 2200 miles on them and still plenty of tread. I have not had any other brand on my bike, so I can't comment compared to other brands. I know one thing, I will be replacing the next set with the same tires. The level of factory concern and support was the best I have ever had with any product. I recommend this tire!

  • Tire: 011 Verge

    I have 2 CBR1100XXs, one has a set of these, the other has a set of 016s. I LOVE these tires. Excellent grip in turns, in straights, under braking, you name it they do it and do it well. Never had a problem in the wet with them at all but my bike is heavy so that helps. Heavy as in over 900 pounds with me, the wife and luggage. Even at those weights they barely scuff under really hard cornering chasing 600s through the mountains. I've only had them for around 2000 miles but they are wearing VERY evenly according to my calipers with depth gauge. A little slippery for the first 50-100 miles but after that they are glued to the road. Very predictable braking, they give plenty of controlled warning before loosing traction. Very smooth ride as well, no weights required. It's going to take something really special for me to use anything else on my Birds. I have the 016s on my "fun" Bird" that doesn't carry nearly as much weight, I won't be buying those again.

  • Tire: 016 Verge 2X

    I have 2 CBR1100XXs. One has the the 011s (LOVE them). I'm not crazy about these. These bikes are heavy, I live near the mountains and ride them often. I can see these tires are not going to hold up, the outside is too soft. The old 1100 is eating the rubber off. As in 100 mile scrub in and they show shoulder wear. I also ran out of tread on the rear and nearly low sided and I wasn't pushing them as hard as I push the 011s. Now the front. My only complaint with the front is the profile, way too neutral for my liking, very stable though. The 011 dives into corners, this has to be put where you want it but once you get it there is stays till you tell it to go somewhere else. Even stable in mid corner braking.
    If they had kept the exact same profile as the 011 Verge, uses the 011s compound on the shoulder and a slightly harder center they would be perfect for the big, heavy CBRXX. They would probably be great on a lighter bike or if you didn't ride as hard but not for me. I knocked 1 star for the more sedated profile and 1 star for for the compounds they chose. Who really runs dual compound, non aggressive tires on a light weight sport bike? I won't be buying these again unless I get a lighter bike or move somewhere less curvy.

  • Tire: 700 Series

    Dopest tire I've used on road and even better off best tire I've used in the power lines

  • Tire: 016 Verge 2X

    Never been a fan of shinko...till my boy put me on these! I got a stretched n built zx10 n the back tire does not like to grabs everywhere. I couldnt be more impressed. Now I need to find a dealer hook up if anyone can help plz I will sell tons of these! 7278105926 thnx

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