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777 Heavy Duty Series
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  • Tire: 005 Advance

    The tires are perfect for touring and occasional mountain carving . It holds well on dry but a bit slippery on the wet portion of the road. Manageable and will give you more than 5 T km easily.
    Not for spirited ride because of the nature of the rear tire. Somehow squarish at the rear tires.

  • great tire,good on wet and dry, good grip,good tire for cheap price, will come bck for it

  • Tire: 712

    I bought these tires for my 1974 Kawasaki KZ400 Cafe Racer project. My bike original tire sizes are a front 3.25-18 and a rear 3.50-18. The original tire are small and pathetic. And seeing that the bike is now a Cafe Racer, I needed a more modern tire for handling corners at speed. I fit a 100/90-18 on the front and a 120/90-18 on the rear and they fit my bike perfectly. I push these tires as hard as the KZ400 could and they work great and never stepped out once. I will fit them on this bike again when the time comes. Excellent!

  • Tire: 244 Series

    I cannot believe how good these tires are. I have been running them on three bikes including a sidecar rig. They last better and get better traction than any other dual tire I have used. I wish they came in more sizes. I wish they were tubeless. But they are a great value and I will keep using them. This is only the second review I have ever written but I want to help others make good decisions.

  • Tire: SR 007

    Overall great tire i use it on my pitbike grips and handles great

  • Tire: 540 Series

    This tire handles great and is very predictable traction. The 540 grips everything I've rode on. Mounted on a yz250 for hare scramble racing in mid Missouri. Rocks, logs, creek beds, hard pack, soft mud, you point and it shoots! I am running also with the TuBliss system and the tire is holding up great.

  • I Have used the Shinko 230, great tire. I wanted to try this tire since a friend used the regular 777 and was very happy, mileage was not really high on that tire, that was his only negative point.
    I replaced front and rear on one of my antique bikes with the 777 HD. WOW what a difference on the ride, I have not taken them for a long distance, I can't wait to see how well they perform. Tires on a motorcycle are very important the price is fantastic. so I can replace tires every season if I wanted. replaced the front tire of my Voyager Xii with the 777HD it feels like a new bike. unfortunately I cant replace the rear tire, the size I need is not available

  • I was an early adapter to the Shinko 804/805 tires for my Suzuki Vstrom. I've ridden on the TKC80 tires prior to this which set the bar pretty high as one of the only choices for good knobby tires on big Adventure bikes running 17/19" tires, but I think Shinko came in here with a clear winner! The Shinko 804/805 are at a good price point that makes it keeping knobby tires on your bike much more practical even if you aren't in the dirt all the time.

    I have found that the street performance of the Shinko 804 & 805's is right there with the TKC's which is very impressive as the TKC's do great here. I am thrilled that the Shinko's handle the pavement very well even though they are pretty aggressive knobbies. The dirt/mud performance of the Shinkos is on right on par with the TKC's. I found the front tires to be pretty comparable between the two and not much difference so far that I can tell. On the rear Shinko 805 tire, I think the paddle design of the Shinko gives it a better nudge over the TKC in the deep sand or mud where it just shines. I've been amazed in some deep mud places where I was able to pull through. I would say on the loose gravel when leaned over is where the Shinko falls a little short of the TKC due to the difference it tread design, but again its very predictable and still handles great. It's just a difference in the tread design between the two where the TKC shines more in one aspect and the Shinko shines more in the other.

    I'm still not close to wearing mine out, but I think longevity will be pretty promising for a full knobby tire on a big adventure bike.

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