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  • Tire: 712

    Originally I happened into Shinko tires when I bought a 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot - they came with the bike unmounted. I was skeptical since I did not recognize the Shinko name. With a pair of Shinko 712s, I rode over 5,000 miles on my Ascot before selling it with plenty of tread left on the tires. My old Ascot always handled as though it were glued to the ground so I installed a second set on my 09 Suzuki TU250 on which I had run through a set of Dunlop D404s. Again, I was astounded by the overall performance of the Shinko 712. It felt far more secure handling with the Shinko tires than with the OEM tires or the D404. Again I ended up selling the bike before I could see how long they would last - well over 3,000 miles though and they looked great.

    Wet traction with these tires was impressive in my opinion with either bike although the TU250 was easier to lock the rear wheel by accident with it's rear drum brake.

    I now have a set of Shinko 712s purchased just a few months ago (07/14) and have them installed on my commuter bike - a 1987 Suzuki GS450. So far, it seems like these are the same great tires I've been riding on for years! Every bike is a little different but so far my experience with Shinko 712s has been nothing short of great.

  • Tire: Reactor II

    a revelation lots of grip even on a poor track

  • Tire: 705 Series

    On my 3rd set for my Tiger 800. Absolutely phenomenal tires. Daily rider in all weather conditions. Put them thru the paces in wet, driving rain, dry, off road, construction and snow...... LOVE THEM! good life, great handling and superior performance.

  • I've used the SR777 rear tire on my last 2 '85 K100 BMW and a Kawasaki Concours and couldn't believe how well the rear tire worked on both bikes. I averaged 16,000 miles of wear on the tire with a high of 18,000 miles...though that was to the wear bars. I wish. there was a front tire the size I needed. I'm hoping it'll work as well on my Victory Vision.

  • Tire: 010 Apex

    Its a great tyre good grip and handles good in corners love them i did 5000km on them with my Aprilia RSV 1000!!!

  • The best tire that I have ever had on a dirt bike I would highly recommend this tire to everyone

  • Tire: 009 Raven

    the best ever tire i tried on the road wet or dry even on twisties, by the way my bike's a cb1300

  • Tire: Hook Up Drag

    Awesome Drag Strip tire!

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