016 Verge 2X Radial Tire
804 and 805 Series
525/524 Offroad Series
777 Heavy Duty Series

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  • Tire: 700 Series

    2014 klr650. Got 1500 miles on it and it shows little wear. I ride in PA so it gets cold and wet alot with no problems. I rode all of loop one at mines and meadows offroad no problems. And did 75mph on a dirt/gravel road in the state lands with confidence. .
    Highly recommend

  • I put a 130/80 17 and 90/90 21 on my DR650. These tires are great. They are perfect for this type of bike.

    I've done a few hundred miles of highway and a few hundred miles of gravel, dirt road and forest track so far. Been good everywhere. Really impressed with the road manners and wet road performance. Did not seem to require much if any scrub in.

    It's the perfect tire for bike camping or adventure riding where you don't know what you're going to encounter. Great on the road and can handle any reasonable off road terrain for these types of bikes.

    I will buy them again for sure.

  • Aboslutely the best tires I've run on My 2002 Sportster hot rod! They flat out hook up in a straight line, have more traction than My lowered bike can use in the corners, and inspire confidence in the wet. My current set has @ 2,500 hard miles on them and have minimal wear despite much abuse ( wheelies etc.)!

    And for their price point? I'm a Shinko customer for life!

  • Tire: 546 Series

    works great!!! and wears very well. New tire of choice considering how reasonably it is priced. try it

  • Put this tire on the front of my Triumph Rocket 3 . Got about 9000 miles out of it but I ride pretty aggressive and on rough backroads. I have no complaints it seemed to perform as good as the stock Metzler and it didn't cup like the Metzler did before it wore out.

  • Tire: 700 Series

    I have used four sets of these tires on my F800GS and they are by far my favorite general purpose tire. Commuting, Rain, Snow, Ice, Dirt, Mud, Street, ect. It handles EVERYTHING! I work as a parts manager for a dealer in KC and I have no problem recommending these to my customers.

  • Tire: Reactor II

    Great tire, won my class championship last year. Wont run anything else. Great on all tracks from poor to perfect!!!!!

  • Fantastic both on and off road. handles great even in wet. less noisy and less vibration than other knobby tires. highly recommended. Using them on a R1200GSA oil cooled.

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