016 Verge 2X Radial Tire
804 and 805 Series
525/524 Offroad Series
777 Heavy Duty Series

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  • Tire: 005 Advance

    My mechanic landed these on me 3 years ago when i bought an zx9r, and back then i wasn't as experienced as now, yet i knew racing techs and i was going to ride the mountains alot, i figured these wont give me the confidence to get in trouble but it would be enough to figure out the bikes attitude, but after some 500 miles i was impressed, tho 190 50 was too flat for me (55 and 60 my fav) it did good, im aggressive rain or shine and they treated me fine pridictable more than anything and thats great because the rubber seem to be dry but it has a great feedback, love the pricing and the efforts shinko puts in tire making, exactly the competition other brands need, now i own a zx10r i do 14k miles a year on that, so tires are big expense but with shinko nothing to worry, i just ordered set of Verge 16s and pretty sure they gonna treat we well, and for coming track days will for sure use shinkos. thank you Shinko!

  • Tire: 244 Series

    I used Kendas and Dunlops before trying the 244's on my gen 1 KLR 650. I am very pleased with the performance on and off road, they handle everything I have tried and are very predictable. wear has been great so far with 12k miles on a front tire, around 6k on the rear. Best bang for the buck tire made for the KLR650 period.

  • Tire: 705 Series

    KLR 650 2015 I first swapped from the stock Dunlop rear to a 705 and was instantly happier and recently swapped the front stock to a 705. Traction on dry and wet pavement is perfect for me, on sandy hard pack excellent and on sand loose tolerable. This makes it a perfect 80/20 tire to me. It is wearing really well so far with no uneveness and unlike the original tires no cupping to speak of. First rate will use again.

  • Tire: 705 Series

    Great tire for mainly street, gravel ok, great wet dry traction, will definitely purchase again

  • Tire: 705 Series

    Great tire for mainly street, gravel ok, great wet dry traction, will definitely purchase again

  • Tire: 009 Raven

    Installed these on my ZX6R. Great tires! Have put 7k miles on them and am only replacing due to a nail. I've commuted and push these tires hard in the mountains. Never had a slip or an issue out of them. While they're not a track tire I'd use, I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to commute to work all week and hit the twisties on the weekend. Plus you won't have to buy tires every 3k miles..

  • Tire: 003 Stealth

    Used the Stealth on my Triumph Daytona the first time and I'm hooked.
    Ride mostly bends ant twisties, use the tires edge to edge and never had a slip. Not even the slightest indication of it. Very confidence building. Use the super soft rubber in the front and soft in the rear. As far as my judgement goes,the even work great in rain

  • I was currently running the Shinko 705's on a Yamaha Super Tenere and they handled great on the street but when i was looking for an aggressive offroad tire that i could still cruise on the street with and shinko had the perfect answer with the 804/805! The same trails i had trouble with before now seam to grip very well! I'm very impressed with this tire and shinko for the quality and performance that it provides!

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