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  • Tire: 611 and 718

    Bought my 07 ultra with a new Dunlop 402 on rear and a shinko 611 on front. I was a little concerned about mismatched tires but after 10 K in every type of weather I am very pleased with the shinko. Handled great and so far no front end wobble. My back tire is due for replacement and I am going to buy a shinko. I like the front tire as well or better than the 402s I ran on my old Roadking. Mileage on front tire seems about the same.2 rears to 1 front. I kept the Roadking for 100000 miles so half price decent tires like the Shinko seems like a good investment

  • So far i have over 300 Miles on this tire of beautiful Idaho Rocky single-track and I have not been nice to it either... I ride a 2006 YZ 250 2 Stroke, I'm thoroughly impressed with the performance and durability. I expected a good couple hundred miles on this tire since its so soft but man I still have at a minimum 2-3 more 80+ mile rides! i will be buying it again.

  • Tire: 005 Advance

    These tires where brand new when I bought my bike, after 8000m I'm buying a brand new set for my 09 CBR600, I can take the same corners at the same speed as my buddy with Pilot 3s.

  • Tire: SR 567/568

    Burgman 400; replaced my Metzlers after about 5500 miles with Shinkos. Inexpensive tire performs well. I have about 1000 miles on them and they show little wear. Smooth and balanced with no weights. Transition predictably in corners. So far a great value tire. If they wear well will purchase again.

  • Holy crap!! Incredible traction in extreme wet/rocky conditions of Western Pennsylvania during recent dual sport event. Had competitors tire fail as all cords delaminated and cut tube. Bought this tire a temporary fix, but after almost no wear after 300 miles of rocky terrain and incredible traction this tire is a winner!!

  • Tire: 011 Verge

    Had Metzlers on both of my Connies, replaced them with the Shinkos (verge on the front & 777 on the rear), the feel & ride are totally uncomparable. Shinko wins my vote on all aspects.

  • Tire: 016 Verge 2X

    These are far and away the best tires I've ever had. They grip like a gorilla and wear like your favorite pair of jeans! I'very been riding sport bikes for close to 20 years now, hard... I've never gotten 5000 miles out of a rear tire until now. Everything else is 2500 mile or less and you're on the cords. Love theses things even better than the 011s.

  • Tire: 016 Verge 2X

    Just had one installed on my 2014 Triumph Thunderbird Storm. It's WAY better comfort-wise than the stock Metzler. Stock should be 200/50. I went gonzo with the 190/55 and my bike didn't ride this smooth off the showroom floor! Where can I buy a Shinko t-shirt? I've used Shinko on my Suzuki V-Strom in the past and fell in love with their product.

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