016 Verge 2X Radial Tire
525/524 Offroad Series
804 and 805 Series Big Block
777 Heavy Duty Series

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  • Tire: 705 Series

    I have been running these tires on my KLR 650 every since my originally set wore out. The tread design allows for smoother riding on the road and good traction off road. This tire is designed for primarily for on road use but also allows for limited off road use. My original Dunlop front tire made it 7,200 miles while my first and current 705 series tire has over 12,000 miles on it and it appears to have an additional 7,000-9,000 more miles on it. My original Dunlop rear tire only made it 3,800 miles while the 705 series tires have been getting over 7,000 miles on them. There may be other tires out there may get better miles but I well satisfied with the Shinkos.

  • Tire: 700 Series

    I'm on to my 4th rear 2nd front... Until someone comes out with a do it all tyre the 700 is the closest I have found... There will be another set on my XT660R...

  • Tire: 006 Podium

    Its hard to find a front tire that will fit a CBR900RR but SHINKO makes one that will fit and its a great tire! Thank You SHINKO!!!!

  • There's no reason to spend more on a tire unless you just want to pay for the name. These tires are sticky and long-lasting for bargain basement pricing. A no brainer. 7k on my current rear. It's time for a replacement but. I know guys who get half that many miles on tires that cost twice as much on the exact same bike. A 600# 1100 cc bike.

  • Tire: 712

    I've owned my bike, a 1981 Suzuki GS650G for 26 years. In all that time I insisted on Metzeler Laser tires. I can't count the number but they took me 80,000 kms over the that time. Now retired I looked for a cheaper tire and mounted a set of 712's. I am absolutely in love with them. They hold and hold on hard corners and provide no unwanted input on the highway. The 34 year old bike handles like new. A great tire.

  • Tire: 010 Apex

    Put as et of these on my 2000 Triumph Thunderbird Sport. I am nearling 8000 km on these tires but they will soon be finished. They handle very well, and gave reasonable mileage. I am switching to the Raven ST tire ST tires generally are better suited to my riding but I have no complaints on these ones. Easily get the bike over to grind foot pegs and hold any line at maximum lean

  • Tire: 705 Series

    Great tIre,great traction,long lasting,I just installed my 3 rd set

  • Tire: 250

    Great product for the price. Purchased two set for my bikes. We are happy with them both. Will look for the 250's when replacement need arises.
    Jimmy Q

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