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  • Tire: 777

    I've used the SR777 rear tire on my last 2 '85 K100 BMW and a Kawasaki Concours and couldn't believe how well the rear tire worked on both bikes. I averaged 16,000 miles of wear on the tire with a high of 18,000 miles...though that was to the wear bars. I wish. there was a front tire the size I needed. I'm hoping it'll work as well on my Victory Vision.

  • Tire: 010 Apex

    Its a great tyre good grip and handles good in corners love them i did 5000km on them with my Aprilia RSV 1000!!!

  • The best tire that I have ever had on a dirt bike I would highly recommend this tire to everyone

  • Tire: 009 Raven

    the best ever tire i tried on the road wet or dry even on twisties, by the way my bike's a cb1300

  • Tire: Hook Up Drag

    Awesome Drag Strip tire!

  • Tire: Hook Up Drag


  • Tire: 777

    Put this on my Yamaha XV950 and so far it's been a great tire, I have 600 miles on it so far, from 100 degree sun to 3.7 inches of rain in an hour. I do mostly highway riding 100 miles plus a day in Florida's weather. The first 20 miles the tire skidded easy but after the normal 100 mile break-in I usually do its tracking and holding fine, even on the rain grooved highways I feel comfortable with it, I hope the mileage is as good as my original tire and will be getting the front to match then

  • Tire: 777

    Have run about 3000 miles on a set of 777 and the ride and hold the road better than the factory Dunlap tires on my VTX 1300.

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