777 Reflector Tire
016 Verge 2X Radial Tire
804 and 805 Series
525/524 Offroad Series

Recent Reviews

  • Have been using these tires for three years now on my 1994 BMW K75RT. I use the bike for touring and occasional commuting, putting about 10,000 miles per year.

    Traction and grip is excellent and confidence inspiring even when heavily loaded for long trips. Tire life is outstanding, I get over 10,000 miles on the rear and have yet to wear out the front at 15,000.

    I would give them a five star rating but for their tendency to follow rain grooves. It isn't that bad, but it is noticeable especially on the bridges I cross when commuting .

    Overall, for the money, I don't think I can get a better tire.

  • Best tire I have ever ridden. Put a set of HD wide whitewalls on my 97 VN1500 Classic and they turned it into a new bike.
    Much smoother than dunlops in the straight. The bike loves cornering and leans right in nice and smooth. Much more road grip, and I can even feel greater acceleration due to the tire gripping the asphalt better.
    Thank you Shinko for making an outstanding product and not being too proud to sell it to the budget minded!

  • Tire: 611 and 718

    Bought my 07 ultra with a new Dunlop 402 on rear and a shinko 611 on front. I was a little concerned about mismatched tires but after 10 K in every type of weather I am very pleased with the shinko. Handled great and so far no front end wobble. My back tire is due for replacement and I am going to buy a shinko. I like the front tire as well or better than the 402s I ran on my old Roadking. Mileage on front tire seems about the same.2 rears to 1 front. I kept the Roadking for 100000 miles so half price decent tires like the Shinko seems like a good investment

  • So far i have over 300 Miles on this tire of beautiful Idaho Rocky single-track and I have not been nice to it either... I ride a 2006 YZ 250 2 Stroke, I'm thoroughly impressed with the performance and durability. I expected a good couple hundred miles on this tire since its so soft but man I still have at a minimum 2-3 more 80+ mile rides! i will be buying it again.

  • Tire: 005 Advance

    These tires where brand new when I bought my bike, after 8000m I'm buying a brand new set for my 09 CBR600, I can take the same corners at the same speed as my buddy with Pilot 3s.

  • Tire: SR 567/568

    Burgman 400; replaced my Metzlers after about 5500 miles with Shinkos. Inexpensive tire performs well. I have about 1000 miles on them and they show little wear. Smooth and balanced with no weights. Transition predictably in corners. So far a great value tire. If they wear well will purchase again.

  • Holy crap!! Incredible traction in extreme wet/rocky conditions of Western Pennsylvania during recent dual sport event. Had competitors tire fail as all cords delaminated and cut tube. Bought this tire a temporary fix, but after almost no wear after 300 miles of rocky terrain and incredible traction this tire is a winner!!

  • Tire: 011 Verge

    Had Metzlers on both of my Connies, replaced them with the Shinkos (verge on the front & 777 on the rear), the feel & ride are totally uncomparable. Shinko wins my vote on all aspects.

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