016 Verge 2X Radial Tire
804 and 805 Series
525/524 Offroad Series
777 Heavy Duty Series

Recent Reviews

  • Fantastic both on and off road. handles great even in wet. less noisy and less vibration than other knobby tires. highly recommended. Using them on a R1200GSA oil cooled.

  • Tire: 520

    Tires grip very well in all conditions, even wet creek beds. Paddle design offers great braking power and very good grip on loose terrain. Tires wear very well and even, with no major chunking. Overall great intermediate terrain tire.

  • Tire: 244 Series

    I put these on my XT225 about 2,500 miles ago & I love them. For a knobby, they do really well on dry pavement; I can literally drag the foot pegs when leaned into a very tight turn. On wet pavement, they handle & brake decent (but riding a knobby in the rain will always have surprises). Off-road, I would say that they are pretty good in gravel, grass, dirt, some sand...but they don't get much traction in mud. The wear is decent if you are an average rider....overall, I think these are great, inexpensive knobbies for small dual-sports that spend most of their time on pavement BUT still want to keep off-road traction.

  • Tire: Hook Up Drag

    This tire has been Awesome since I came off the Power Ones by Michelin..I,m currently ripping off low 1.20 60fts and turning 149 on topside,sitting at 73 inch with stock oem true handclutch,with no hazing of tire @ 8.5 psi before burnout..It Works!!!

  • Tire: SR 567/568

    Great tire combo set..got a set on Amazon...shipped to my house $73.00 for both. Installed these on my 2005 Honda Big Ruckus. Great tires so far...have about 1200 miles on them and show no wear. The original tires I had... had around 5300 miles on them, they were IRC SS-550 tires. I personally like the tread Shrinko tires compared to the older ones. Great traction and less road noise.

  • Tire: 240 Classic

    I have an E240 on the back of my '84 GL1100 sidecar outfit. It feels good and grips well. It replaced an Avon SMII that cost nearly twice as much and didn't work as well. And at the same mileage as when the Avon was worn out the Shinko has lots of tread left.

    I think I'll get a white wall when this one needs replacing ;-)

  • Tire: 705 Series

    I have used three sets of the 705 Radials on my 900 Triumph Tiger the last set took me across Canada to the Pacific Coast then to Alaska and Back home riding on all types of road surfaces with excellent grip and no flats they will be my next choice of tire when replacement is needed.

  • This is a great product! Have had these on a Road King (1st Set of Shinkos) I was curious before buying, how good could they be for the price. Sent an email and got a call back who descibed who and what Shinko is about. Gave me confidence to buy, and I am thrilled I did! Solid ride, all conditions! Enjoyed so much I am trying a set of 777's on an 03 Electra glide. Buy with confidence these are well worth the money!!!!

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