016 Verge 2X Radial Tire
525/524 Offroad Series

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  • My first impression of the Shinko 505 Hybrid Cheater rear tire is that it looks HUGE! Despite it being the same 120/100-18 size that I've been running, its sidewalls are noticeably taller. Grab a handful of knobs and they feel very soft and pliable, but its 4-ply carcass is still firm and not too thin. It felt a little heavier than the typical knobby, so I tossed it on the scale and it came in at just under 16lbs. The tread pattern looks traditional, but being directional, there is no reversing the tire to extend its useful life. In terms of installation, I've mounted a ton of tires in my time and the...

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  • Tire: 009 Raven

    05/2015 Definitely a harder compound than the Dunlop Q2's I had previously. I was concerned about the cornering grip, so with some hesitation, I ran these (front and rear) at back to back trackdays at Texas World Speedway on 05/09 & 05/10. I run intermediate lap times (2:20) and had no problems with dry track grip. They were very slippery on the "tar snakes" in the rain, but I'm not sure any tire would have done much better in those conditions. Both front and rear did not ball up as much as the Dunlop Q2's, with the rear hardly at all.
    I'm looking forward to see how the longevity of the tires are. The trackday was ridden after 2200 miles of street riding on the rear and 700 miles of street riding on the front. I'm asking alot out of a tire, long life on the street, and good grip on the track. These are doing great so far.
    09/2016 Update: I rode 6,100 miles on the rear and 6,900 on the front, including 3 trackdays. I ran these tires hard on my ZX6E and they performed well. Excellent value.

  • Installé sur mon dl 1000 et j'ai un très bon rendement. Supérieur à tout point de vue au big block de kenda et plus économique.
    Fortement recommandé.

  • Tire: 006 Podium

    I decided to take a risk and install a 150/60/18 on the rear of my vintage road race bike. The bike is a 1984 KZ 750 with 87 GSXR 1100 wheels. I matched the rear with an Avon AM 22 front. I raced the bike at CTMP( mosport) and Calabogie Motorsport Park recently and they performed well. I never once lost traction. I was surprised. I only wish they would cash in on the Vintage Road Racing scene and make a matching 18" front and offer these tires in their soft compound.

  • Great tire. Handles well in both wet and dry conditions. I've got almost 30,000 miles on it, which is by far the most amount of miles I've been able to get out of a tire thus far. I ride a Victory Cross Country Tour.

  • Tire: 005 Advance

    I've had the rear on my 2000 Buell x1 for over a year now, and after 5k miles of HARD riding, and a few smoky parking lots, there's still some meat left! Amazing grip, good rain handling, and great wear. After a good ride my hand sticks to the tire. That tells me that I can expect these tires to keep the shiny side up.

  • I bought these tires to try them out on my 14 street Glide. They handle very well on dry and wet conditions. Unfortunately, the longevity of the tire for me was not that great. I only got around 7000 miles from my rear tire 180/55/18. I guess you have to give up longevity for handling. I would buy these again even with the short tire life. I really enjoyed the grip these tires gave my heavy bike at hard lean angles. If you're looking for longevity and not performance look elsewhere. Otherwise this is a great tire.

  • Have been using these tires for three years now on my 1994 BMW K75RT. I use the bike for touring and occasional commuting, putting about 10,000 miles per year.

    Traction and grip is excellent and confidence inspiring even when heavily loaded for long trips. Tire life is outstanding, I get over 10,000 miles on the rear and have yet to wear out the front at 15,000.

    I would give them a five star rating but for their tendency to follow rain grooves. It isn't that bad, but it is noticeable especially on the bridges I cross when commuting .

    Overall, for the money, I don't think I can get a better tire.

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