Trail Pro 255 Radial

With its super soft compound, with a highly flexible radial carcass, the 255 Trail Pro provides excellent grip on rocks and other slick terrain.
  • Lightweight, reduces un-sprung weight for improved performance and maneuverability
  • Works excellent in gnarly single-track terrain
  • Tubeless
  • DOT approved
  • CAUTION: The 255 Trail Pro is a D.O.T. approved tire but is not recommended for commuter/continuous highway use
  • This tire is for serious off road and trials applications and can be legally used "on highway" to connect off road trail heads, For dual sport use, we recommend the Shinko 241, 244, 700 or 705 series tires


Part # Size Speed Rating Load Index Permitted Rim Size Outside Diameter Width Max Load @ Tube Type List Price
87-4290 110/90R18 L 61 2.50~3.00 25.79 in. 4.29 in. 33 psi Tubeless $104.95
87-4292 120/90R18 M 65 2.75~3.00 26.50 in. 4.68 in. 33 psi Tubeless $118.95
87-4291 110/80R19 L 59 2.50~3.00 25.94 in. 4.29 in. 33 psi Tubeless $116.95
87-4293 120/80R19 M 63 2.75~3.00 26.57 in. 4.68 in. 33 psi Tubeless $118.95

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