Hook-Up Drag Radial

The ultimate DOT drag tire!
  • Light weight extremely flexible carcass
  • Softest compound available from Shinko
  • Tread pattern and profile designed specifically for the demands of drag racing
  • Aramid belted, DOT approved, recommended for drag race use only
  • Combine with the Shinko 003 Stealth front tire for a matching tread pattern
  • Due to the soft compound of this tire, it is not for use on dynamometers!


Part # Size Speed Rating Load Index Recommended Rim Size Outside Diameter Width Max Rated @ Tube Type List Price
87-4650 180/55ZR17 W 73 5.5 in. 24.8 in. 7.01 in. 42 psi Tubeless $202.95
87-4651 190/50ZR17 W 73 6 in. 24.49 in. 7.48 in. 42 psi Tubeless $214.95
87-4652 200/50ZR17 W 75 6.25 in. 24.88 in. 7.87 in. 42 psi Tubeless $232.95

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