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804 and 805 Series

Adventure Trail

804 and 805 Series

Adventure Trail

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Sizes & Specs
  • Utilizing the latest in dual sport tire technology these adventure tires are ideal for situations where a rider spends 40% on-road and 60% off-road. The 804/805 bias front/rear combo is currently available in a 110/80-19 front and 150/70-17 rear combo.

    • 40% on-road and 60% off-road
    • E-804 : Front
    • E-805 : Rear
  • Front Tires

    WPS Part#SizeDescriptionSpeed RatingLoad IndexRecom RimOverall DiameterWidthPlyMax load Max PSITube Type Retail Price
    100/90-19E-804 FrontS572.526.13.9450741T/T106.95
    110/80-19E-804 FrontQ592.525.954.29453633T/L119.95
    90/90-21E-804 FrontT542.1527.43.5446741T/L99.95

    Rear Tires

    WPS Part#SizeDescriptionSpeed RatingLoad IndexRecom RimOverall DiameterWidthPlyMax load Max PSITube Type Retail Price
    130/80-17E-805 RearT65325.25.1463941T/L135.95
    140/80-17E-805 RearR653.525.835.59463941T/T131.95
    150/70-17E-805 RearQ694.2525.285.94471633T/L149.95
    120/90-18E-805 RearQ692.7526.54.7471633T/T99.95
    150/70B18E-805 RearQ704.2526.35.9473841T/L169.95
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    • BlueLghtning

    I was an early adapter to the Shinko 804/805 tires for my Suzuki Vstrom. I've ridden on the TKC80 tires prior to this which set the bar pretty high as one of the only choices for good knobby tires on big Adventure bikes running 17/19" tires, but I think Shinko came in here with a clear winner! The Shinko 804/805 are at a good price point that makes it keeping knobby tires on your bike much more practical even if you aren't in the dirt all the time.

    I have found that the street performance of the Shinko 804 & 805's is right there with the TKC's which is very impressive as the TKC's do great here. I am thrilled that the Shinko's handle the pavement very well even though they are pretty aggressive knobbies. The dirt/mud performance of the Shinkos is on right on par with the TKC's. I found the front tires to be pretty comparable between the two and not much difference so far that I can tell. On the rear Shinko 805 tire, I think the paddle design of the Shinko gives it a better nudge over the TKC in the deep sand or mud where it just shines. I've been amazed in some deep mud places where I was able to pull through. I would say on the loose gravel when leaned over is where the Shinko falls a little short of the TKC due to the difference it tread design, but again its very predictable and still handles great. It's just a difference in the tread design between the two where the TKC shines more in one aspect and the Shinko shines more in the other.

    I'm still not close to wearing mine out, but I think longevity will be pretty promising for a full knobby tire on a big adventure bike.

    • Tweak

    I was currently running the Shinko 705's on a Yamaha Super Tenere and they handled great on the street but when i was looking for an aggressive offroad tire that i could still cruise on the street with and shinko had the perfect answer with the 804/805! The same trails i had trouble with before now seam to grip very well! I'm very impressed with this tire and shinko for the quality and performance that it provides!

    • Clint Jones

    I purchased a 100/90-19 for my Triumph TIger 800. The tire was listed on this website as tubeless. It is a tube-type tire and won't work on my tubeless wheel. Many dealers also list this size as tubeless, it is not. Cost me shipping and return hassle. Bought a 110/80-19. It is a tubeless type tire and works great on my bike. Website has yet to correct the specification to show tube type tire

    • Omid

    Fantastic both on and off road. handles great even in wet. less noisy and less vibration than other knobby tires. highly recommended. Using them on a R1200GSA oil cooled.

    • DRDude

    I put a 130/80 17 and 90/90 21 on my DR650. These tires are great. They are perfect for this type of bike.

    I've done a few hundred miles of highway and a few hundred miles of gravel, dirt road and forest track so far. Been good everywhere. Really impressed with the road manners and wet road performance. Did not seem to require much if any scrub in.

    It's the perfect tire for bike camping or adventure riding where you don't know what you're going to encounter. Great on the road and can handle any reasonable off road terrain for these types of bikes.

    I will buy them again for sure.

    • SLC-990ADV

    Put these on my KTM 990 Adventure before COBDR last summer. That ride is mostly off road, but plenty of tarmac between legs and getting home. Flawless in all conditions. We hit everything; sand, mud, rocks, rutted, water crossings and I think they did as good as or better the the TKC80s most of the other guys had. Surprisingly good on asphalt also. The bonus is I am close to 5,000 miles and just getting ready to change them to a new set on the rear, and the front still has 2,000 miles to go.

    • Patoff 75

    Installé sur mon dl 1000 et j'ai un très bon rendement. Supérieur à tout point de vue au big block de kenda et plus économique.
    Fortement recommandé.