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777 & 777 H.D. (Heavy-Duty)

777 & 777 H.D. (Heavy-Duty)

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Sizes & Specs
  • Specifically designed for cruiser machines and is available in a multitude of sizes to fit many V-Twin and metric cruiser models.

    Features include:

    • Higher mileage and load capacity
    • H.D. (Heavy Duty) version with reinforced carcass
    • H rated tubeless, 4 or 6 ply rated
    • Aramid belted (150/90-16, 90/90-21 nylon belted)
  • Front Tires

    WPS Part #SizeDescriptionSpeed RatingLoad IndexRecom Rim Overall DiameterWidthPlyMax LoadMax PSITube TypeRetail Price
    130/90-16Heavy-Duty / White WallH73325.25.08480542T/L124.95
    100/90-19Heavy-Duty / White WallH612.526.13.98456742T/L85.95
    140/80-17White WallH693.525.835.6471742T/L154.95
    130/70-18Heavy-Duty / White WallH693.525.165.08671642T/L128.95
    90/90-21White WallH542.1527.363.54446742T/L95.95
    130/80-17White WallH65325.25.08463942T/L132.95
    120/70-21White WallV683.527.64.7469542T/L124.95
    150/80-16Heavy-Duty / White WallH773.525.435.91490842T/L143.95
    130/60-19Heavy-Duty / White WallH673.525.15.1467742T/L156.95

    Rear Tires

    WPS Part #SizeDescriptionSpeed RatingLoad IndexRecom Rim Overall DiameterWidthPlyMax LoadMax PSITube TypeRetail Price
    130/90-16Heavy-Duty / White WallH73325.25.08680549T/L129.95
    150/80-16Heavy-Duty / White WallH773.525.435.91490842T/L144.95
    150/90-15Heavy-Duty / White WallH803.525.635.91499242T/L156.95
    170/70-16White WallH754.525.356.61485342T/L157.95
    170/80-15Heavy-Duty / White WallH83425.716.694107442T/L152.95
    180/70-15Heavy-Duty / White WallH82524.927.096104742T/L164.95
    160/70-17Heavy-Duty / White WallH794.525.86.34101942T/L169.95
    180/65-16Heavy-Duty / White WallH81525.27.096101949T/L172.95
    MU85B16Heavy-Duty / White WallH773.525.715.51490842T/L178.95
    140/70-18Heavy-Duty / White WallH723.7525.715.47673842T/L130.95
    150/70-18Heavy-Duty / White WallH764.2526.265.94688242T/L139.95
    180/55-18Heavy-Duty / White WallH84525.87.16110242T/L198.95
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    • Rick

    I put a set of these tires with the white walls on my custom bobber and couldn't be happier. Excellent wet and dry. Smoother than the pirrelis on my other bike. Want to give the classics a shot too.

    • Robert

    I put the 170/70/16 on my 2013 Harley Forty Eight Great tire, grips the road and looks far better then the stock 150

    • Robert Juliano

    put a pair on my 02 road star 1600 due to the price could not believe how much I liked them over the metzler me880. mileage was about the same, and stock to the road like it was on rails not only in the az heat but also in the rain. liked them so much I replaced my Michelin pilots on my 2000 bandit 1200s with the raven line

    • Steve (Melbourne, Australia)

    Great tyres and well priced. These tyres handle and ride so much better than the old stock Dunlops on my V-Star 1300.

    • RJ

    Just put these on my cruiser at the recommendation of a local shop. So far so good and 1/2 the price of name brand for my bike.

    • Jeff Guire

    Have run about 3000 miles on a set of 777 and the ride and hold the road better than the factory Dunlap tires on my VTX 1300.

    • Tinkerer

    Put this on my Yamaha XV950 and so far it's been a great tire, I have 600 miles on it so far, from 100 degree sun to 3.7 inches of rain in an hour. I do mostly highway riding 100 miles plus a day in Florida's weather. The first 20 miles the tire skidded easy but after the normal 100 mile break-in I usually do its tracking and holding fine, even on the rain grooved highways I feel comfortable with it, I hope the mileage is as good as my original tire and will be getting the front to match then

    • Stan

    I've used the SR777 rear tire on my last 2 bikes...an '85 K100 BMW and a Kawasaki Concours and couldn't believe how well the rear tire worked on both bikes. I averaged 16,000 miles of wear on the tire with a high of 18,000 miles...though that was to the wear bars. I wish. there was a front tire the size I needed. I'm hoping it'll work as well on my Victory Vision.

    • Serg

    I Have used the Shinko 230, great tire. I wanted to try this tire since a friend used the regular 777 and was very happy, mileage was not really high on that tire, that was his only negative point.
    I replaced front and rear on one of my antique bikes with the 777 HD. WOW what a difference on the ride, I have not taken them for a long distance, I can't wait to see how well they perform. Tires on a motorcycle are very important the price is fantastic. so I can replace tires every season if I wanted. replaced the front tire of my Voyager Xii with the 777HD it feels like a new bike. unfortunately I cant replace the rear tire, the size I need is not available

    • Edd Edwards

    Bought these tires for the price. Wow, was I ever fooled. These are the greatest handling, best riding over and above the factory Dunlops,and 2 sets of Avons I had before. I actually paid less for both than the individual price of either of the Avons ! Keep it up Shinko, you've earned a lifetime customer. Thanks.