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705 Series

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705 Series

Adventure Touring

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Sizes & Specs
  • The Shinko 705 has a versatile tread pattern that provides excellent wet and dry weather adhesion and smooth running on the highway

    Features include:

    • Rubber compound resists tearing during off road use
    • DOT approved, 4 ply rated
    • All sizes designed for front or rear fitment unless noted
  • Front Tires

    WPS Part#SizeDescriptionSpeed RatingLoad IndexRecom RimOverall DiameterWidthPlyMax LoadMax PSITube TypeRetail Price

    Rear Tires

    WPS Part#SizeDescriptionSpeed RatingLoad IndexRecom RimOverall DiameterWidthPlyMax LoadMax PSITube TypeRetail Price
    150/70R18Jointless steel beltedV704.2526.265.94R73942T/L150.95

    Front/Rear Tires

    WPS Part#SizeDescriptionSpeed RatingLoad IndexRecom RimOverall DiameterWidthPlyMax LoadMax PSITube TypeRetail Price
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    • John Reis

    i have had these tires now for a few months, absolutely love the handling and ride of them both on and off road. I ride a kawasaki klx 250s, and couldn't ask for a better tire!! I will certainly buy this tire again! i am also recomending this to all my dual sport friends!!!

    • Tim Johnson

    I have mounted over 20 sets of the 705 series tires. With bikes ranging from XL500's to Tiger 800's and BMW GS's.
    The feedback has been nothing less than spectacular! Several customers have come back after several thousand miles just to say how impressed they are with the overall grip and excellent wear characteristics... and to say they will be back in a few months for another set!
    Thanks Shinko and WPS for providing a great product, with a great price and above average availability.
    Sincerely, Tim Johnson @ Cycle Therapy in Bellingham Washington

    • Drummond Evans

    Been through several sets on my Wee-Strom and my DR650 and sold many sets to customers. This is a great tire for the money! Solid traction performance in every situation (except mud of course) and good tread life.
    Very good tire for the value!

    • William

    On my 3rd set for my Tiger 800. Absolutely phenomenal tires. Daily rider in all weather conditions. Put them thru the paces in wet, driving rain, dry, off road, construction and snow...... LOVE THEM! good life, great handling and superior performance.

    • Chris

    These tires were on my KLR650 when I purchased the motorbike. After two years I finally have to replace my 705....with another 705. I have no complaints with these tires. They perform well on road and averagely well off-road (as long as you avoid mud).

    • Gritboy

    I'm on my 3rd set of 705's on my Tiger 800xc. I'd call this the perfect 70 road / 30 dirt tire for my bike -- I tried a few others. Zero complaints, aside from longevity, but few good tires in the dirt last more than 5-6k. Recommend them to all my ADV friends who put them down because they're cheap. My argument is try a pair (a full set is about the price of one rear of most other brands) and if you don't like 'em toss 'em. None have tossed any so far.

    • Gustavo Mendez

    Great tIre,great traction,long lasting,I just installed my 3 rd set

    • Paul

    I put these tires on my drz 400 sm. They give excellent traction on asphalt. I drive high speed corners and the tires adhere very well to the pavement. On gravel roads and fire roads they are good. They are terrible in mud they fill rather quickly and you lose control will try the new 805 when this wears out.

    • Tim Watkins

    I have been running these tires on my KLR 650 every since my originally set wore out. The tread design allows for smoother riding on the road and good traction off road. This tire is designed for primarily for on road use but also allows for limited off road use. My original Dunlop front tire made it 7,200 miles while my first and current 705 series tire has over 12,000 miles on it and it appears to have an additional 7,000-9,000 more miles on it. My original Dunlop rear tire only made it 3,800 miles while the 705 series tires have been getting over 7,000 miles on them. There may be other tires out there may get better miles but I well satisfied with the Shinkos.

    • Nicolas Solberg

    LOVE this tire. Sure, life isn't great, but that's normal with a DS tire. Still, compared to the various DS tires I've tried on my old Suzuki DL650 and newer Triumph 800xc these tires are perfect. I'm a true 70street/30dirt rider. They handle perfectly for street riding (noisy for first 200 miles) at AGGRESSIVE sport bike leans and speeds, and handle hard dirt/gravel like a champ at all pressures. Wet they're good mostly, but a slightly slippy during commutes. Only had one set on my DL650, but loved them of 3 different brands. Once I upgraded to the Tiger and wore out the stock Pirellli's, I switched and haven't looked back. On my 2nd front and 3rd rear 705 in 18k miles. Excellent bang for the buck from the Yokoham... I mean Shinko's. Only thing would be be a magical improvement in rear tire wear, but that's the nature of DS tires.