524/525 Series

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Sizes & Specs
  • With its wide, self-cleaning tread pattern, the 524/525 front and rear combo is ideal for soft to intermediate terrain.

    Features include:

    • For soft to intermediate terrain
    • Wide self-cleaning tread pattern
    • Reinforced knobs resist tearing and chunking
  • Front Tires

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    Rear Tires

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    • Weekend Warrior

    I ride a little of everything Moto, Desert, Woods and this tire performs very well in a very wide range of conditions. It wears good, no chunking or tearing. I'm happy with these tires, and will definitely purchase another set

    • Tom

    Have only used a 524 front so far, but it has already became my new favorite front tire for the rocks, roots, mud and pea gravel of the Ozarks. Grips great everywhere and is wearing like iron, a seldom seen combination. With the results I'm having from the front, will be trying a 525 rear soon.

    • Kent Payne

    The best tire that I have ever had on a dirt bike I would highly recommend this tire to everyone

    • @blktom

    Ok, let me start off by telling what I ride. I live in southern California, so most my terrain is open desert. So , as you know that includes high speed sand washes, miles of whoops, and enough rocks to keep Fred Flinstone employed forever! That being said, the holy grail for motocross/enduro tires is to try to find one that doesn't do a single thing really well, but to find one that does everything pretty well. For instance, a mud/sand tire will suffer in slippery rocks and likewise a woods tire will be a challenge in deep sand. what do you do? if you're like me, you will cover ALL that terrain in one moto. From the mountain single track, down into the desert and cross a few rivers and back to the mountain. That being said, I go through a LOT of tires, and like most people, I don't have a ton of money to experiment. Enter the Shinko 525. Wow, what great tire! It does everything very well. You'll of course need to play with pressure to find the "sweet spot" for what you ride, where you ride, but once you do, its game on! I have a 525 on KTM 450 and have just about 4oo HARD miles on it. Its still going....
    honestly, I've ridden every tire, from Maxxis to Golden tyre, all great, all proven, but the biggest catch for me is the Shinko 525 is as good and I bought TWO fro the same cash as one of the others!
    hook, line, and sinker! I'm Shinko for life!
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