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244 Series

Adventure Trail

244 Series

Adventure Trail

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Sizes & Specs
  • The 244 Series dual purpose street and trail tire is designed to be equally at home on dirt or pavement.

    Features include:

    • Dual purpose street and trail design
    • DOT approved, tube type
    • 4-ply rating
    • All sizes designed for front or rear fitment
  • Front/Rear Tires

    WPS Part#SizeDescriptionSpeed RatingLoad IndexRecom RimOverall DiameterWidthPlyMax LoadMax PSITube TypeRetail Price
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    • MuzzleMike

    I have had this tire on the front for almost a year and love it . It hooked up right away ! It feels good on and off road . I spend more time on the road but it feels solid as a rock ! I will be putting one on the rear in a couple of months ! GREAT TIRE !!

    • TJ

    I've used these extensively on my DR650SE with no issues.

    Great on the road even in the wet, and also very effective in the gravel and moderate off road terrain.

    if you need to ride to the event by road and then do once you get there, these would be good.

    • Sandstone

    I've used these on my XT500. They are a great 50/50 tire. Stick well on pavement and off road in dirt and gravel.

    • Fman

    i put these on my bike for bad weather and i could not be more satisfied. they allow my to drive in any weather while still maintaning road speeds. the hard compound holds up well to all temperatures. i will be getting these for all my future bikes.

    • Des

    I have just purchased a set of SR 244 Golden Boys, can anyone tell me how good these tyres are, Off road, On Road, what type of milage can I expect from the rear tyre, mostly on a tar surface, the handling is very good though.

    • DP14 TX

    I mounted these tires on a 02 DRZ400S to replace 606's. The Golden Boys make very little road noise on the slab compared. The handle well on the highway and city streets but try not to be on them too much. On dirt roads from hard packed to loose gravel I am impressed. They stick good and of course you can over ride any tire but they respond well. Actually tried these tires (front and rear) on a desert MX track and did great in hard packed berms, soft sand, and med packed. You got keep em in the berm but they did great. Soft sand they cut a path and tracked well. 02/09/15 - El Paso, TX

    • Chuck

    I cannot believe how good these tires are. I have been running them on three bikes including a sidecar rig. They last better and get better traction than any other dual tire I have used. I wish they came in more sizes. I wish they were tubeless. But they are a great value and I will keep using them. This is only the second review I have ever written but I want to help others make good decisions.

    • Ed

    I used Kendas and Dunlops before trying the 244's on my gen 1 KLR 650. I am very pleased with the performance on and off road, they handle everything I have tried and are very predictable. wear has been great so far with 12k miles on a front tire, around 6k on the rear. Best bang for the buck tire made for the KLR650 period.

    • XT 225

    I put these on my XT225 about 2,500 miles ago & I love them. For a knobby, they do really well on dry pavement; I can literally drag the foot pegs when leaned into a very tight turn. On wet pavement, they handle & brake decent (but riding a knobby in the rain will always have surprises). Off-road, I would say that they are pretty good in gravel, grass, dirt, some sand...but they don't get much traction in mud. The wear is decent if you are an average rider....overall, I think these are great, inexpensive knobbies for small dual-sports that spend most of their time on pavement BUT still want to keep off-road traction.