230 Tour Master

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Sizes & Specs
  • The 230 Tour Master is designed to carry high loads for long distances, in wet or dry conditions.

    Features include:

    • Designed for long distance, high speed riding
    • Aramid belted
    • Staggered tread design offers a quiet ride with excellent handling
    • V rated tubeless (unless noted), 4 ply rated
  • Front Tires

    WPS Part#SizeDescriptionSpeed Rating Load IndexRecom RimOverall DiameterWidthPlyMax LoadMax PSITube TypeRetail Price

    Rear Tires

    WPS Part#SizeDescriptionSpeed Rating Load IndexRecom RimOverall DiameterWidthPlyMax LoadMax PSITube TypeRetail Price
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    • Gregory Hunter

    Long-lasting tire stands up against just about all of them. The only problem I found was they seem to follow the cracks in the road after they are worn down. I was travelling on bad roads in Mexico. When I travelled from Canada to Sturgis and down to Mexico, they rode and handled great with absolutely no complaints. Would recommend and buy again.

    • Todd Scott

    over all very good tire at a great price.I am currently on my 6th tourmaster having run them on my vulcan intruder and now on my ultra.Great handling and ride even on the Dragons Tail

    • Kevin Rogers

    My second set of Shinkos and the first set on my current Road King. A Great price for great quality tires. They ride smooth, handle well, and the longevity is at least as good as the Dunlops I've replaced.

    • Sjlord

    I'm on my 3rd rear tire of Tour Master 230, Last season I rode around 8,000 on a Voyager Xii mostly on highway at highways speeds, (55 to 75 keeping up with traffic) great tire excellent grip, they wear fast V rated, the front tire lasts longer, I may had some a few more hundred miles left of service on the rear tire, I just replaced it anyway to have ready for the spring and just hit the road. the price is great, way below the cost of others. I rather have good brand new new tires.
    If I wear it out before he riding season is over, I will replace it.
    The sad part is that I have other motorcycles that I would like to put this tire on, the size is not available. so far the ratio has been two rear tires for every front tire of the 230, the front tire looks just like new, yet it has over 8,000 miles. will I buy another set, Yes and I do recommend it. is a well balanced tire strong, good grip, corners great, sometimes I fell like I'm on a sportbike.
    Oh, forgot to mention most of the miles have with a passenger and gear. its a touring bike.

    • Will Lehn

    Absolutely incredible ride and grip! I ride a 1988 Honda V45 Magna, also called the Super Magna. I have owned this bike since it was new, and have never been able to wheelie on the street, it would always just spin. With these tires, wheelies are very easy, because they grip so well. The ride is quiet, and turns are stable and predictable. absolutely incredible tire, and the price makes them even better. I will never buy any other brand of tire.

    • Saltwater

    Great tire for the money. Super sticky for a street tire rain or shine. the last a little longer than theDunlop K591s that came stock on my 2003 XL1200S, so it wears a little fast. They handle excellent and are quiet.

    • Charlie

    These are a pretty good tire, but, I found they mileage was lower than I like. 6k miles and badly squared made them not a great match for my Guzzi.

    They do work well in rain and dry. Better than the BT-45's, not as good as the Pirelli Sport Demons.

    • Brett Marshall

    I just purchased OnLine, Shinko 230 Tour Master Tires for My 2003 HD 100Year Ultra Classic. 140-90-16 rear,130-90-16 front( the 140 rear is a Very Tight Squeeze with the 3" lowering kit) I had them Mounted at a local Las Vegas, NV. car tire store and Balanced For FREE at the local Cycle Gear shop ! Smooth, Stick like glue in the corners, Great Price!!!http://www.shinkotireusa.com/

    • Howie

    7/2014: I have a 1985 Honda V65 Sabre loves to eat tires up. These 230s tires are the OEM size, fit with no issues. This is my second set in 2 seasons. I had a concern with the 1st set. I spoke with Shinko factory over last winter. They sent me a brand new set of replacements for no fee. I mounted them myself and had them high speed balanced. They are performing very nicely. I already put 2200 miles on them and still plenty of tread. I have not had any other brand on my bike, so I can't comment compared to other brands. I know one thing, I will be replacing the next set with the same tires. The level of factory concern and support was the best I have ever had with any product. I recommend this tire!

    • Sammy Ashworth

    Just got a set of these off of Ebay for a great price. Had them mounted and they ride great, track straight and make litte noise. I'm hoping to get long life out of them, but so far I love them. Even if they don't last long, I can buy three for the price of one Metzler.