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016 Verge 2X

Dual Compound Radial

016 Verge 2X

Dual Compound Radial

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  • Experience the new standard in motorcycle tires from Shinko, the DUAL COMPOUND 016 VERGE 2X! With Shinko tires all new dual compound technology you'll get the best of both worlds, superior traction when needed, with all the mileage. Sipes added for better wet grip and even wear. The full steel belted rear tire and Aramid front tire will provide high speed stability and strength.

    • Best of both worlds with new DUAL COMPOUND for superior traction AND mileage
    • Siping allows for added wet traction and longevity
    • Full steel belted rear tire and Aramid belted front for high speed handling
    • Tread profile designed for quick transitions and more lean angle
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    • Edgar

    Superb grip...would definitely buy these again !

    • SamTanzer

    I've been running Shinko for years and this is BY FAR the BEST tire they have ever produced!  Great mileage (I have over 8500 miles on mine) and more traction than I am able to use!  Again....BEST....TIRE....EVER.


    • Zack Coffey

    Never been a fan of shinko...till my boy put me on these! I got a stretched n built zx10 n the back tire does not like to grabs everywhere. I couldnt be more impressed. Now I need to find a dealer hook up if anyone can help plz I will sell tons of these! 7278105926 thnx

    • Commrad

    I have 2 CBR1100XXs. One has the the 011s (LOVE them). I'm not crazy about these. These bikes are heavy, I live near the mountains and ride them often. I can see these tires are not going to hold up, the outside is too soft. The old 1100 is eating the rubber off. As in 100 mile scrub in and they show shoulder wear. I also ran out of tread on the rear and nearly low sided and I wasn't pushing them as hard as I push the 011s. Now the front. My only complaint with the front is the profile, way too neutral for my liking, very stable though. The 011 dives into corners, this has to be put where you want it but once you get it there is stays till you tell it to go somewhere else. Even stable in mid corner braking.
    If they had kept the exact same profile as the 011 Verge, uses the 011s compound on the shoulder and a slightly harder center they would be perfect for the big, heavy CBRXX. They would probably be great on a lighter bike or if you didn't ride as hard but not for me. I knocked 1 star for the more sedated profile and 1 star for for the compounds they chose. Who really runs dual compound, non aggressive tires on a light weight sport bike? I won't be buying these again unless I get a lighter bike or move somewhere less curvy.

    • Motorhead

    Fantastic tire. Been running Pirelli Diablo Rosso-II's on my 996 Superhawk; I get less than 3K miles on a rear. I was hoping to get a little better mileage out of the Shinko. Well, I don't care what I get mileage wise, this tire works great! With the Pirelli, the bike feels like it wants to oversteer a bit . The Shinko feels rock solid at any lean angle. I am much smother and I am sure faster with this tire, but the really great part is the confidence this tire inspires. My chicken strips are getting very thin!

    • Pete

    Just purchased my second 016 Verge 2x rear. I love the rock solid predictable handling on my FJR. Came off Mich RP4's that felt squirmy to me. I don't care about the mileage, the 016 feels that much better and will get about 1000 miles less than the michs. A good performance tradeoff for the money.

    • James

    Great tire! It provided awesome grip in the corners, while still giving me more mileage while commuting or doing long trips. Love that they also made the rear in a 190/55-17 option for better turn in on super-sport bikes. Couldn't be happier!

    • Dallas Cantland

    Just had one installed on my 2014 Triumph Thunderbird Storm. It's WAY better comfort-wise than the stock Metzler. Stock should be 200/50. I went gonzo with the 190/55 and my bike didn't ride this smooth off the showroom floor! Where can I buy a Shinko t-shirt? I've used Shinko on my Suzuki V-Strom in the past and fell in love with their product.

    • Plasma Blue ZX-14 Ninja

    These are far and away the best tires I've ever had. They grip like a gorilla and wear like your favorite pair of jeans! I'very been riding sport bikes for close to 20 years now, hard... I've never gotten 5000 miles out of a rear tire until now. Everything else is 2500 mile or less and you're on the cords. Love theses things even better than the 011s.