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009 Raven

Sport-Touring Radial

009 Raven

Sport-Touring Radial

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Sizes & Specs
  • The Raven radial was specifically designed for long life. The Raven provides superior riding comfort while its tread compound gives high grip on both wet and dry roads.

    Features include:

    • Highest tread life of Shinko sport-performance radials
    • W speed rated (168 mph)
    • Aramid belted
    • DOT approved
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    • Holliday

    I have a set Ravens on my Yamaha FJR, and about to replace them with another set of Ravens. I could not believe that I have 15,000 miles on my current set.

    • Edi / Philippines

    the best ever tire i tried on the road wet or dry even on twisties, by the way my bike's a cb1300

    • Toni Homen

    These tires great on my ZR7s. I got around 10,000 mileser set. I no longer have that bike. I think I might try them on my FZ09. I was disappointed with the tires that came on the bike.

    • Kevin

    I love these tires, I put them on my 06 FZ1 and they have been amazing. great grip and long life. Before my FZ1 I ran Shinko on my 07 Harley Nightster and fell in love! These are awesome for sport touring and pretty good for aggressive riding! Before I traded the bike i put over 3500 miles on these and they still looked/felt great! I'm definitely buying Shinko for my supermoto build.

    • TC

    Installed these on my ZX6R. Great tires! Have put 7k miles on them and am only replacing due to a nail. I've commuted and push these tires hard in the mountains. Never had a slip or an issue out of them. While they're not a track tire I'd use, I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to commute to work all week and hit the twisties on the weekend. Plus you won't have to buy tires every 3k miles..

    • James Lamon

    One of the best commuting/sport touring tires you can get! I've gotten excellent cornering grip (even before the tire was initially scrubbed in), and the overall mileage is superb! I don't have to replace nearly as often, great price, and all my suctomers that have tried them won't change to another brand.

    • Steve - Houston, TX

    05/2015 Definitely a harder compound than the Dunlop Q2's I had previously. I was concerned about the cornering grip, so with some hesitation, I ran these (front and rear) at back to back trackdays at Texas World Speedway on 05/09 & 05/10. I run intermediate lap times (2:20) and had no problems with dry track grip. They were very slippery on the "tar snakes" in the rain, but I'm not sure any tire would have done much better in those conditions. Both front and rear did not ball up as much as the Dunlop Q2's, with the rear hardly at all.
    I'm looking forward to see how the longevity of the tires are. The trackday was ridden after 2200 miles of street riding on the rear and 700 miles of street riding on the front. I'm asking alot out of a tire, long life on the street, and good grip on the track. These are doing great so far.
    09/2016 Update: I rode 6,100 miles on the rear and 6,900 on the front, including 3 trackdays. I ran these tires hard on my ZX6E and they performed well. Excellent value.