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009 Raven

Sport-Touring Radial

009 Raven

Sport-Touring Radial

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Sizes & Specs
  • The Raven radial was specifically designed for long life. The Raven provides superior riding comfort while its tread compound gives high grip on both wet and dry roads.

    Features include:

    • Highest tread life of Shinko sport-performance radials
    • W speed rated (168 mph)
    • Aramid belted
    • DOT approved
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    • Adam Swanson

    Great tire! Sticks absolutely everywhere at all times but my zx-14 will wear out a rear in 4k though.... My cbr1100xx gets 10-15k out of a set.

    • Gary

    I have these tires on my Moto Guzzi Breva 1100. After 2,000 miles the tread still looks very good. My wife rides with me most of the time and handling is great, even on the twisty N. Ga. mountain roads where we live. They seem every bit as good as Michelin and Metzeler tires I have run in the past (for much less money). If I get over 5,000 miles on the rear I'll be happy. Which is more than I've gotten with the other brands. Don't be afraid to try these tires.

    • Ninernut

    I mounted a set of the 009's almost 8,000 miles ago on a Honda 919. The rear looks good for a thousand or so more and the front will surely last through another rear (as it should). They are smooth and predictable in the twisties and have provided all the traction ever needed. I've been in the rain a few times with these tires without any problems. Some of my friends like to low-talk Shinko, but when I can put a set of tires on a litre bike for less than $200.00, I'm in.
    I had a set of 005's before these that were great tires, too.

    • Gary Frey

    I ride conservatively though at high speed. These tires lasted just as long as Metzler 880s (my previous mileage favorites) but at a much lower price. I have had 3.5 sets and will soon have a front to match my new rear. I ride an BMW 1150RT. I have ridden nearly all the common brands except for Michelins for some reason. I have no idea if you can do stoppies or wheelies on these tires and really don't care about that type of activity. If you want a good long distance tire that can go long miles over a variety of roads with no problems this may be for you.

    • D Scott

    I ran a set of these on my 05 Kawasaki Concours. I got 13k miles out of them. Grip was very good. Overall an excellent ST tire for the buck!

    • Hal26

    Put a set on my BMW R1150rt last week. The handling was dramatically improved. Bike feels 100 lbs. lighter and goes into curves with very little effort....

    • Tommy Lee

    Without a doubt, the BEST tires I have EVER run! I just ran a set on my 2010 Kawasaki Versys here in SoCal. I only managed 6k out of the rear (I blame SoCal's textured roads that eat rubber for that), but the front is still going. I was ready to pull the trigger on another Raven for the rear, when a friend riding a 2011 Kawasaki Z1000 told me he got over 8k on his rear out of a Michelin Pilot Road 2. So, I decided to take his word for it, and try the Pilot Road 2.

    BIG MISTAKE, I MEAN HUGE by comparison! I've already put over 1k on the Pilot Road 2, and my rear end is still all over the place. If I could trade it for another Raven right now, DONE DEAL!

    Bottom line, the traction on these Ravens are second to none in my opinion. When I'm riding Raven, I have no worries at all when I lay into the turns on Ortega :p I regret paying more for this Pilot Road 2, and if my income was disposable, I would buy another Raven and throw this Pilot in the recycle bin. The break-in on my Ravens took less than 100-miles, before feeling like they were glued to the road!


    • Gene

    I have averaged 30000 miles a year on motorcycle for the past 10 years. During that time I have had 4 bikes, 3 Zx9's and a Concours 14. One tire SHINKO RAVEN. For the street, hands down the best tire for the money..Period..End of review!

    • Christof Verdoodt

    I'm driving the Honda Pan European ST 1300. I have the 009-Raven and the 011 shinko tires fitted on the Pan.

    Total different way of riding the bike, but boy... having fun! The rear tire has over 16.000km now and still has got a nice tread. Can go on for at least another 5.000 km. and no... I'm not an old guy cruisin around, I'm a young bloke riding the Pan at his limits. :)


    Christof Verdodt

    • Robert Juliano

    after putting a set of 777 on my 02 road star I was impressed with the shinko brand to replace my pilots on my 2000 bandit 1200s and again what a great tire. living in the az desert I can use a harder compound tire and stick to the road as if on rails but these tires handle in the wet as well. if I still had my 97 zx7rr I would have run these over the dunlap sport max 2 and the bridgestone battle axe. great tire